Sunday, May 9, 2010


ஊடுருவும் ஊடுருவும் உணர்வு!
உணர்சிகளுக்கே உணர்வளிக்கும் உணர்வு!
ஊடல்களை உதறி எரியச் செய்யும் உணர்வு,
உலகுக்கே உயிரளிக்கும் உணர்வு;

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

With my camera

Thanks to those who invented this awesome device - memories would be long lost if not for these. Few of the pictures which were taken in various places.

Sun -is all- set to call it for the day:

A kingfisher on our village temple's pond:

Garden flowers:

Wow! The world is so green out there:

Dwarfs @ Wax museum:

Perfect lighting:

God is the best artist:

Beware of the green eyed guardian guarding its cute kitten:

Stunning beauty of the Srirangam gopuram:

Picture perfect:

Caught just before the slide of the insect:

All set to set for the day:
A perfect rainy morning:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


அறியாத அந்நொடி,
தொலைந்து போனது என்றது இதயமடி; மீண்டும் அதனைத் தந்த பொன்னொடி!
ஆர்பரிக்கும் நற்செய்தி அன்றோ!
அறிவதே அளவில்லா ஆனந்தம் தான்.

குறிப்பு: தங்கப்பதக்கத் தகவல் தந்த தனி அனுபவம்

My mom's birthday gift

Attempted to sketch my mom and dad for giving it as a birthday present to my mom :) mom came out pretty ok - could not sketch dad that properly though! :( Missed out the D in birthday :(, noticed only after giving it for framing.

Scribbling at office desk board

Lunch times are tough times because it will take sometime before all of them get off their chairs. During one of those waiting times attempted a sketching on my friend's board